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By colormoods, Jun 26 2018 12:45PM

Why use a title so distant from the actual content? Quite contrary to the sub-line — or would you associate Pink Yogurt with the Iron Curtain?

During the last years I was, for some reason, often thinking about this substance known from my early childhood. We bought it a few times from the dairy shop. It lured us in by its atypical, new colour which was visible through the shop window. Although we only had it a few times, I vividly remember the colour, the taste, the texture, even the smell of this substance. Without a decent amount of sugar stirred in vigorously until smooth, this stuff was unenjoyable. I remembered almost to a point that it became real again and I felt I had to write down all that yogurt. Bit by bit, other memories kept popping up and after some time of writing, I sat in front of an extensive pile of pages. Those experiences I dug up had all to do with my upbringing in the former GDR and I began thinking about a way to visualize and share them. Memories about my two worlds.

A „proper“ one where I neatly played my role within the system and diligently did my best to fit in and to comply but which felt strangely unfamiliar at times — and my other little world where I, let's say, felt more at home. Everything began with some gooey pink yogurt in a glass bottle. The pink is drawing through my work like a pink thread. I just couldn't help it. Even though I don't really like pink as a colour. Or maybe I am pinking away exactly because of that?

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